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NES 102 Requirements

Air-conditioning, that is the control of temperature, humidity, air purity and air movement within a space or group of spaces, is a prime requirement in all vessels. It is an essential element in ensuring that the ship's staff continue to operate at high levels of effectiveness and efficiency for long periods and the environment for weapons and other essential equipments is, and always remains, satisfactory for reliable operation. This environmental control has to be achieved throughout the full spectrum of ambient conditions for which the ship is to be designed.

  • When designing an airconditioning system for a ship it is necessary to know the outside conditions the ship will meet during its trade and dertermine the corresponding inside conditions

  • It is well known that the higest temperature and humidity never occour at the same time, see the figur to the right, which show a typical example over 24 hours

  • On the right is shown which outside and corresponding inside conditions an air conditioning system will satisfy, if it is designed for an outside condition of 35C and 70% relative humiditywith corresponding inside condition of 29C and 55% relative humidity


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