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The conditioned air (Cool or Heated) form the Air-Conditioning equipment must be properly distributed to rooms or space to be conditioned in order to provide comfort conditions, the ducts are generally used for this purpose.

The ducts are usually made from galvanized steel sheet metal, aluminum sheet metal, M.S. sheet. The most widely used duct material in air-conditioning & ventilation system is galvanized sheet metal. However, in special cases like processing plants where the corrosion factor is very high, the material used is Stainless Steel.

The lower thickness galvanized sheets are fabricated by folding the cut sheets and making joints. Higher thicknesses and Stainless steel ducts need specialized welding techniques to ensure leak-proof joints.

SAF is a full service metal fabrication company with the facility, equipment, skilled workforce, and engineering staff to meet the most demanding requirements, we can fabricate any duct in Galvanized steel sheets, Stainless steel, Aluminum and other Metals Alloys.


Piping is an important component of HVAC systems. Piping is used to supply cooling, chilled water, steam for heating and drains.

Fabrication and installing of this piping is a specialized job. It involves precise measurements, exact bends and expert welding.

Selection and installation of different valves is also an integral part of the piping. S.A.F Refrigeration Engineering have the required manpower and the expertise to carry out all the piping associated with HVAC systems.


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